Online Gaming

Online gaming isn’t something new. Indeed it has been around for over a decade, and modern console games have fully integrated internet access to allow for gamers across the world to compete in many different games and platforms. Online gaming has become a global phenomenon, allowing people to fight, race and battle each other from India to Britain, to USA to Australia.

Online gaming allows users to play their favorite games in a competitive and fully immersive capacity. The most popular games are either role playing games which includes titles like World of Warcraft where you take on an avatar and work with others to increase your experience points and slowly develop that character as you play. Other popular games are typically shooting games, or first person shooters. The most popular of these is Counter Strike and Quake. Both games came to the forefront during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s for their popular tournament play and both games were played by millions of people worldwide.

Quake and it’s various later versions provided a 1v1 format that led to some classic dual matches and became a big tournament favorite with hundreds of thousands of dollars for prize money. Competitors would practice many hours a day, much like professional sports athletes, honing their skills and reaction times. Online gaming had in effect become a professional sport, where massive cash prizes meant that the skill level increased and the level of competition also increased. These competitions attracted big name sponsors given their largely male demographic and as sponsors increased so did the competition money.

Counter Strike was and is a popular online game played in teams of five typically. The game has a strong strategic element with each team trying to outwit, and outshoot each other, whilst trying to complete the set objective such as save the VIP, defuse the bomb and capture the flag. Because this was a team based game it made for an exciting spectator game as it also involved detailed strategy and team work. Each team often had a team leader calling the moves and directing the rest of the team, almost as if it was a real tactical SWAT unit.

The skill level was high, and although an easy game to learn, with a mass following it had a long learning curve with the best players spending hundreds if not thousands of hours learning the maps, guns and strategies.

Over time, online gaming had moved from a way to relax to a competitive team based sport with prize money and tournaments for people to attend. It was not just about sitting on your couch and playing against someone across the world. It was about training like an athlete to be the best in the world.

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