How To Hire A Limo And Get The Best

Limousines make luxurious and elegant modes of transport for special occasions and events. These are expensive cars, but you can once in a while enjoy it all when you hire one for your special event or occasion. They are loved for weddings, but they can suit any other settings, including proms and surprises for special days like anniversaries and birthdays. Whatever your event or occasion, you can find affordable rental rates for a limo of your choice. The hiring process should be easy when you know what to do.

1. Determine your budget

Are you looking to hire the limo for an entire evening, for a day or for a specific trip? Limo companies offer packages that match the varying needs of their customers and hence you can go for the hourly charge packages or the whole day rate packages depending on what your needs are. Set the amount you are willing to spend for the rental aside and then start contacting the companies so you can easily determine what company and what package works for you.

2. Choose the style and size

There are standard limos but you can also find larger cars that come with extra amenities including internet connections and television screens. Most can accommodate anywhere from 5 passengers all the way to a total of 14 passengers. Let your event dictate the size of the limo and the style that is best. There are so many limo kinds, including American stretch limos and hummer limos so go through the options and make your choice.

3. Inspect the limo in person

When you are able to physically see the limo please do before hiring. This kind of inspection helps you ensure that everything is just like you like it from the color of the limo, the size, the features and even the comfort. Most limos are stocked with refreshments but it is important to check so you do not end up getting overcharged for the same. If you do not like what you see in the coolers, ask whether you can bring your preferred drinks. A physical inspection also gives you the chance to do the look and smell test. Limos are hired for all kinds of occasions including club hopping and you really do not want to end up paying for the remains of someone else’s party time.

4. Check out safety records and insurance

Most limos are chauffeured so at least know about the competence of the chauffeur that will be driving you. It also helps to verify the insurance coverage so you do not end up with bills to pay in case the unexpected happens during your rental period. Ensure that you are comfortable with the terms of hire before anything else.

5. Seal the deal

Signing a contract gives you assurance that everything discussed will be followed to the latter including pick up time and drop-off time. But you should actually check the cancellation and refund policies before signing the contract. If you are happy with what you see, then you can go ahead and pay the deposit. Avoid limo companies that ask for full payment or very high deposit percentages.

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