Limo Rentals for Beginners

Limousine Rental Tips

I’ve thought about renting a Luxury Limousine someday for a special occasion, so I thought I would share some of the information I found while researching this topic. Some of the topics covered are “how to find a good limo service”, and “tips for first time limo rental customers”. I grew up out in the country, so I figured I better do some research first.

Questions to ask the limo company

With so many limo services available, picking the best one without breaking the bank may be a little tricky. First off, begin by asking some simple questions about the limousine company, like “Do you have a license number?”. The reason this is important is because the state issues a license which allows that company to operate legally. After conforming they have a license, check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints that have been filed against that company and see if the complaints were all resolved. This helps confirm their reputation. Some people just like to complain, if the complaints were indeed resolved, then make your final decision based on that.

Got insurance?

Ask if they have liability insurance. One article we read said Town Cars are required to have $750,000 of coverage. I’m uncertain if that is just determined by the state or if this is a federal requirement.

The Driver’s gratuity

Ask if the driver tips are included in the bill or not. If the tip is not included in the bill, you may want to prepare to fork out some extra money at the end of the ride. Drivers are like waitresses, they receive gratuity.

Check out their fleet

Inspect their vehicles before renting them. You definitely don’t want to rent a limo with duct tape on the arm rests or broken windows, it would kind of ruin the mood.

Word of mouth referrals

Ask some of your friends or colleagues about a good referral to a limousine service they have used. Word of mouth is great! That will cut through the chase as to who is good or not.

Driver Background Check

Has your driver had a criminal background check? Do you want to spend the evening with someone who has been involved in grand theft auto? Mark my word, people can change, however… I’m just saying.

Now then, let’s go over some things that first time limo rental customers will want to possibly consider.

Don’t smoke in the car. Sorry, in most states it is illegal to smoke in the limo. Also, would you want someone smoking on your new $5000 leather couch?

You may want to bring your own DVD’s if you are going to spend a lot of time in the limousine. Some limos already have a limited supply, but you might not have their same tastes.

Bring your own cups or glasses. Limo companies are not restaurants. The driver may have cleaned the glasses with upholstery cleaner. Enough said.

If you have multiple stops to make, let your driver know ahead of time. You don’t want to bother them while they are driving.

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